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Customer - 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

This is the third Grand Cherokee that I've bought from Alex and A Plus Auto. Each time has been a no pressure, totally enjoyable experience. The first Jeep was on his lot, and I was in the process of looking for a 2004 Grand Cherokee when I drove past and saw it. So I stopped, took it for a ride, made an offer, Alex accepted, and I bought it. The second time, I told him that I was looking for a 2010 G.C. and he found the perfect Jeep with only 35,000 miles within a couple of days. Again, no pressure, totally enjoyable. Which brings us to the third Grand Cherokee. I was extremely happy with the 2010, but unfortunately, was involved in an accident and the car was totaled. So I went to Alex to find a replacement. We found a 2013 on an internet search, but it was in Michigan. Alex called the dealership, and they said that it was like new with only has 19,000 miles. So we talked it over and Alex says to me, "No problem, I'll go look at it, and if it's as immaculate as they say it it, I'll buy it for you and bring it back." That's exactly what happened, so now I have a beautiful 2013 Grand Cherokee Overland that is perfect! I will ALWAYS go to Alex when I need a car- he is absolutely the most helpful, honest, reliable dealer that I've ever known. Love the guy!

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